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Templated Websites

Responsive website design by Vancols on tablet

Tried and Tested

Vancols template websites are a sure-fire way to get a sturdy and tested website working for your School within your time frame and budget. Even though this is a more ‘off-the-peg’ service, we will personalise your website by including your School colours and logo to create your own custom online presence.

SEO Friendly

All websites designed by Vancols are developed and designed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Your website will have the platform it needs to succeed against the online competition. All that is left to do is to provide your own unique content for great search engine results.

Manage your content

Our CMS (Content Management System) allows you to create, edit and delete your content pages at will, giving you full control over exactly what message your website conveys at any time.

File management

Managing your file is simple. Whether it includes images or documents, you will find they are easy to upload and link to, or display on, your website.

Time travel - Rollback

Our unique rollback feature included allows you to go back in time by simply selecting a page from your website’s history, saving you from any unintentional changes or mistakes.

Get set - content scheduling

With the inclusion of a scheduling feature, you will always be one step ahead. Create a webpage to publish from a specific day, hour and minute.