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William de Ferrers School promotional DVD and case

Advertising your School in today’s marketplace requires representation in a host of different areas. We can cover them all.

Spread the word

Adverts can be designed for any publication and may be used for recruitment of staff, to promote open days, to publicise your facilities or simply to advertise your School.

Calendars & Student Planners can aid the learning process and increase the morale of your students. Apart from listing important events in the school year, your calendar can be used to promote your School to pupils, parents and local businesses.

Pupil Planners are a part of our broad service. They aid the learning process and morale of your students with clear diary pages which have your School's information and details within them.

Show and tell

We help to bring added value to your School with professionally designed exhibition panels and posters for open days and career shows. School calendars help to promote your name to local businesses as well as to potential and existing parents.

Anything you think we haven’t thought of? We can help you make your idea a reality and we love a challenge!